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Educational resources on Bitcoin

Andreas M. Antonopoulos – The Internet of Money (Talks by Andreas M. Antonopoulos)
Jeff Both – The Price of Tomorrow (Why Deflation if the Key to an Abundant Future)
Gigi – 21 Lessons: What I’ve Learned from Falling Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole
James Dale Davidson & Lord William Rees-Mogg – The Sovereign Individual
Saifadean Ammous – The Bitcoin Standard & The Fiat Standard
Knut Svanholm – Bitcoin (Sovereignty Through Mathematics)
Jonathan Bier – The Blocksize War
Nik Bhatia – Layered Money

The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto – Timothy C. May
A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto – Eric Hughes
Towards Perpetual Peace – Immanuel Kant
Private Property – Ludwig von Mises
“Crypto Rebels“ – Wired Magazine Story on the CYPHERPUNK Movement from 1993
A Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace – John Perry Barlow
Shelling Out: The Origins of Money – Nick Szabo

The Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto
The Bullish Case For Bitcoin – Vijay Boyapati
“Bitcoin Is Time” – Der Gigi
Not Too Technical Overview of This Bitcoin Thing – Arman The Parman
Implications of Open Monetary and Information Networks – Lyn Alden
Schrödinger’s Coin Model – Valuing Bitcoin as a Store of Value

Bitcoin & Real Estate
Why bitcoin is digital real estate 
Bitcoin as real estate. A thought experiment
Why every real estate investor should own bitcoin 
Is leveraging legacy assets to buy bitcoin a good strategy? 
ls leveraging real estate to buy bitcoin a good idea? 
Bitcoin vs Real Estate: Which is the Better Store of Value? (Why Bitcoin is Digital Real Estate II) 
Bitcoin vs. Real Estate: Which is the better store of value in times of crisis? 
The “What is Money” Show with Robert Breedlove “Bitcoin is Digital Real Estate with Leon Wankum” (WiM291)
Bitcoin vs. Real Estate | Hard Money Show by Swan Bitcoin featuring Michael Saylor, Jeff Booth, Leon A. Wankum
If you’re going to buy a Property with 20% down vs #Bitcoin, the numbers work out like this over 10 years (British HODL)
Bitcoin As Property: What Perfection Looks Like with Michael Saylor | The Bitcoin Layer
Jealousy and Fairness in Bitcoin Distribution (bitcoin is digital real estate (property/land)).
Bitcoin: Better property than Property
The Future of Real Estate under a Bitcoin Standard
While other try to tokenize everything, Bitcoin store value
How Bitcoin can transform the real estate industry
Nakamoto Portfolio Theory – Real Estate as a store of value
Bitcoin: Digital Land Rush

Matthew R. Kratter Bitcoin vs. Real Estate Series:
I Why Bitcoin Is Much Better Than Real Estate
II Why Real Estate Is A Bad Inflation Hedge
III The Digital Transformation of Property (Bitcoin)

Bitcoin & Energy
How Bitcoin Mining to make mini grids and last mile energy production economically viable in Africa
Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint Revisited: Proof of Work Mining for Renewable Energy Expansion (2023)
Why Bitcoin is god for the environemt

Bitcoin is Generational Wealth – A Short Film by Matt Hornick and Tomer Strolight
Human B | The Insight Journey Into The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole 
“Our Most Brilliant Idea” (by Robert Breedlove) – A Short Film
Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble – Full Documentary
How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
RT – The Finance Curse 

Listen (podcast – beginner to advanced)
Bitcoin Audible by Guy Swann, where Guy reads out excellent pieces on Bitcoin & Sounds Money principles
„What is Money Show“ with Robert Breedlove: The Saylor Series on the History of Money
The Anita Posch Show: A Bitcoin Podcast
The Investors Podcast – Bitcoin Series
The Bitcoin Matrix Podcast
Bitcoin Magazine Podcast
Swan Bitcoin Podcast
Zeitsprung (Deutsch)
What Bitcoin Did
Crypto Voices 

The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado – The Technical Side of Bitcoin
Citadel Dispatch – Actionable Bitcoin Discussion
Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast
The Kevin Rooke Show (Lightning focused)
Bitcoin Fixes This by Jimmy Song

What Bitcoin Did – The Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin (Audio)
Swan Bitcoin – Academy for Learning all about Bitcoin
Saylor Academy – Bitcoin for Everybody
Bitcoin Guides by Arman The Parman
Bitcoiner.Guide – A website set up to educate on all things Bitcoin
Resistance Money – a Bitcoin Research Collective
James Loop (Bitcoin Information & Resources)
Matt Odell (Bitcoin Privacy)
Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin Wiki

Cryptography-Specific research
Diffie & Hellmann “New Directions in Cryptography” (1976)
RSA Encryption Scheme „A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems“ by R.L. Rivest, A. Shamir, and L. Adleman (1978)

Leon A. Wankum (The Bitcoin Newsletter)
Lyn Alden (Monthly Newsletter on Macroeconomics)
Anita Posch (Bitcoin Education and grassroots adoption)

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