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Open Book: A System of Rules

A System of Rules serves as an extension of my bitcoin thesis from 2015 and seeks to help you make sense of why Bitcoin has the potential to create a fairer society, with a more just distribution of wealth. The book will be made available for purchase once it is finished.

Part I: The need for a monetary alternative: Bitcoin
A System of Rules is superior to A System of Rulers
The need for a monetary alternative: Intro
The need to protect Individual Freedom
Cypherpunks and the origin of Bitcoin
Why Privacy matters

Part II: The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole
An Introduction: Welcome to Bitcoin
An Explanation: What is Bitcoin
An Explanation: using bitcoin

Part III: Bitcoin and the History of Money
The History of Money & Banking

Part IV: Bitcoin Deep Dive
Why does Bitcoin have value.
How Bitcoin uses energy. 
Why Bitcoin is good for the environment.
How does Bitcoin scale: The Lightning Network

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